Blusion is an emerging disruptor in the consumer laundry services space. You can skip all of the pain associated with traditional laundromats by dropping your clothes off at a Blusion location. When you drop your bag off they promptly wash, dry, and fold all of your garments within a 24-hour time frame in a proprietary, hypo-allergenic detergent that’s much more effective than their competitors.

Project Summary

When innovative concepts like Blusion hit the consumer space, sometimes said consumers need to be educated on just how they do what they do. Paying attention to Blusion’s target demographic, we created a light-hearted, animated “explainer” video that details their process and sheds light on the true differentiators of the Blusion experience.


Director - Noah Woode

Illustrator - Yoeung Chiem

Animator / Editor - Noah Woode

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