The creative brawn behind the brain.

Our team is comprised of a tight-knit group of creatives that come from varied walks of life. This diversity of perspective makes our creative and problem-solving process all the more effective. Take some time, get to know us! 


Noah Woode

Founder & CReative Director

Between his work at Turner, a marketing agency, and his own freelance work, Noah is knowledgeable and proficient at creating content for brands that want to tell their story. From video production/post production, to 3D animation and general graphic design, he’s got the chops to make something artistically striking that’ll help you make a statement or achieve your marketing goals. 

His dog’s name is Crash.

David Serra

Brand Designer

With 7+ years of graphic and general design experience under his belt, David has gone from image manipulation to focusing on how to craft the essence of what a Brand is supposed to be. Utilizing a structured, collaborative process; David can turn the idea of your company into a tangible identity, or help evolve your current brand into something more fitting to who you and your organization are today.
His cat’s name is Berlioz

Scott Underwood

UX/UI Web Designer

After a few years as a digital conversion manager for an agency, “Scotty” knows a thing or two about how to make a website or application sing to its end-user. By utilizing sound principles of design and his own experience and creativity, he crafts genuinely interesting and enjoyable online experiences for the customers or fans of our clients. 

His dog’s name is Levi.

Rowan Hanning

Marketing Specialist

Endlessly curious, and with a mind for strategy, Rowan is a Marketing Specialist that strives to create the biggest possible impact for his clients in ways that are creative, cost-effective and clever. A deep appreciation for words also makes him handy to have around when it’s time to create ad copy or generate written content for your website or ebook.  

His cat’s name is Norman.

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